Ann Coulter: The Surge Of Illegals Under Trump Is Worse Than Any Year Under Obama

Chris Menahan
May. 09, 2019

Conservative author Ann Coulter on Wednesday shared charts showing record levels of illegal immigration and said the "surge of illegal aliens under Trump is worse than under ANY year under Obama."

"That's 3-D chess, baby!" Coulter quipped.

The numbers are actually far worse than under Obama because the majority of illegals likely can't be deported as they're from Central America and can claim asylum under the bipartisan open borders bill passed in February and signed by President Trump.

The feds have released around 168,000 illegal aliens into the US since December 21, 2018:

109,000 were apprehended in April alone.

United Constitutional Patriots' Jim Benvie has been documenting the invasion every day (all these videos are from the last few days):

From the Conservative Review:
Here are the key takeaways from the April CBP border report:

In total, 109,144 individuals were apprehended at the border – 98,977 between points of entry and 10,167 at points of entry. This is the highest number in 12 years, it is very likely the highest number of unique individuals of all time, given that many in the past were the same individuals deported multiple times within the same week, while almost all of these are first-timers.

The 58,474 individuals in family units set another record, but an increasing number of people are also coming as single adults, 31,606. The overwhelming number of single adults are from Mexico, while most of the family units and unaccompanied teens are from Central America.

The increases over the previous month seemed to be from the Rio Grande Valley (RGV), El Paso, and Yuma sectors, the three busiest corridors in absolute numbers. Overall, for this fiscal year, every sector has seen a massive increase in family units.

Guatemala still leads the pack for the most migrants coming in all categories, followed by Honduras, with a sharp drop-off for Salvadorans. Overall, 301,900 Guatemalans were apprehended at and between points of entry since the beginning of fiscal year 2018. In other words, in just 19 months, 1.7 percent of Guatemala’s population came to our border, and that is on top of the 815,000 Guatemalan nationals who already lived here, most of them illegally. A recent poll showed that a third of Guatemalans would like to immigrate to the U.S. A total of 224,078 Hondurans have come since FY 2018, 2.4 percent of the population. That is on top of the 623,000 already here. This means that the size of these countries’ populations in America equal roughly 6.6 percent and 9.2 percent of their respective populations in Guatemala and Honduras. “Only” 79,000 have come from El Salvador over the past 19 months, but because they dominated the Central American migration in previous years, we already had 1.4 million Salvadorans in this country as of last year, representing roughly 22 percent of their entire homeland population!
This is why Trump should have vetoed the February open borders bill and should not have caved on family separation.

On the legal immigration front, reports suggest Jared Kushner's weak new immigration plan will bring in the same high number of legal immigrants but shift them to high-skilled workers rather than low-skilled workers, which will just put more pressure on American middle class workers:

Here's more numbers from CIS:

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