Trump Unfollows Ann Coulter After She Savages Him For Caving On The Wall

Chris Menahan
Dec. 19, 2018

President Trump appears to have unfollowed Ann Coulter on Twitter after she hit her breaking point on Wednesday and savaged him for caving on the wall and backing Jared Kushner's terrible "criminal justice reform" bill.

A manual check of Trump's "following" page shows Coulter is no longer there.

As this was likely one of Trump's last connections to his base, this should be deeply concerning.

Coulter criticized Trump this morning on a podcast from The Daily Caller (starts at 46:00) saying how Americans are being demographically replaced and without a wall and Trump reversing the immigration crisis our country is going to be lost forever.

"They're about to have a country where no Republican will ever be elected president again," Coulter said. "Trump will just have been a joke presidency who scammed the American people, amused the populists for a while, but he'll have no legacy whatsoever."

She also sent out a ton of tweets and retweets highlighting how he promised to build the wall, several of which are below:

She went on to release a column titled, "Gutless President in Wall-less Country":
If you were elected president after decades of politicians doing nothing about the millions of illegals pouring into our country every year, committing crimes, dealing drugs, driving drunk, molesting children and killing Americans like Kate Steinle, and your central campaign promise -- repeated every day -- was to build a wall, wouldn't you have spent the entirety of your transition period working on getting it done?

Wouldn't you have been building prototypes, developing relationships with key congressional allies and talking to military leaders about using the Seabees or the Army Corps of Engineers to build the wall?

Wouldn't you skip the inauguration and take the oath of office in San Diego so you could get started on supervising wall construction immediately after putting your hand on the Bible and being sworn in as the leader of the free world?

You would if you meant it.

Well, Donald Trump didn't do that.

OK, sure he could have taken the oath in D.C., gone to a few balls, then started the wall on day two of his presidency. But he didn't do that either.

Maybe I'm a literalist. A zealot. When people kept telling me to be patient -- the wall is coming! -- I nursed a private hope that I was wrong, and they were right.

It is now crystal clear that one of two things is true: Either Trump never intended to build the wall and was scamming voters all along, or he has no idea how to get it done and zero interest in finding out.

He sacrifices every opportunity to make the wall happen.

For two years, Trump pretended to believe the president of the United States needs express authorization from Congress to defend the nation's borders and blamed the Republican majority for not "funding" the wall.

In a few weeks, he'll start blaming the Democratic House.

Last week -- several whole days ago -- Trump said over and over again that he would shut down the government if he didn't get funding for the wall -- the precise thing he claims he needs. "We need border security. The wall is a part of border security," he said. "If we don't have border security, we'll shut down the government."

Trump wore the shutdown over the wall as a badge of honor: "You want to know something? OK, you want to put that on me. I'll take it. You know what I'll say? Yes, if we don't get what we want ... I will shut down the government. Absolutely."

One week later, The Drudge Report:


In other words, Trump is doing exactly what I feared he would do in the worst conceivable way. He's not building the wall, while making ridiculous promises right up until the second before he folds.
She went on to say Trump should order the military to build the wall and ended with this:
Instead, what he's doing now absolutely guarantees that the next president will be a Democrat and, given today's Democratic Party, that president will be Kamala Harris.
There's no question everyone who has actually been following what's going on is getting extremely frustrated.

I frankly wonder if Trump's move to pull out of Syria is just another grift which he'll cave on after Bashar al-Assad decides to "gas his own people" once again for no particular reason.

While I think Trump could have done a much better job if he actually just focused on fulfilling the agenda he ran on, there's no question his entire presidency has been sabotaged from the very beginning by the deep state who've been illegally spying on him and everyone in his orbit in order to destroy him and reconquer our country.

The Federal Reserve is even jacking up interest rates just to tank the economy:

Interest rates collapsed as soon as Obama took office, stayed at zero his entire term, then shot up as soon as Trump got in.

This country has been all downhill morally and spiritually since the end of WWII and the booming economic growth in the post-war period only seemed to make the masses more decadent and willing to give up every tradition and Christian institution our ancestors created over thousands of years.

Feminism, globalism and progressivism have become our new religion.

One man can't fix this all in a couple of years.

That said, Coulter wasn't expecting Trump to save our country spiritually, she just wanted him to build a wall on our southern border -- for which he has failed miserably.

Until another charismatic leader comes along I'm afraid we don't have much alternative. As of now, the only person I could see overtaking Trump is Tucker Carlson.

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