Top Dem Sen. Mark Warner: Google Must Do More to Censor YouTube

Chris Menahan
Nov. 19, 2018

Democrat Senator Mark Warner on CNBC Friday lambasted Google for not doing enough to censor YouTube, which he said is a hotbed for "radicalization," but offered praise to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for being "aggressive in moving to work with us."

Warner is the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee and his threats hold a lot of sway.

From the Free Beacon:
Sen. Mark Warner (D., Va.) on Friday criticized tech companies for providing a platform for radicalization and foreign interference.

The social media network Facebook has come under scrutiny recently for how, according to multiple reports, it failed to address Russian interference in the 2016 election. Asked about whether Facebook's issues overshadowed other tech companies', Warner said the worst problems stem from Google and its subsidiary YouTube.
"The real disappointing company, as well, has been Google," he said. "Google didn't even send a senior leadership person to our committee."

"As more and more evidence comes out that the real place where fake accounts are manipulating, where a lot of the foreign activity--not just Russian, but Chinese, Iranian and others--have headed is on the YouTube platform, where more radicalization goes on than, frankly, on Facebook," he added.
Though he wouldn't let Twitter off the hook, Warner said he gives Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey "credit" because "he's in recent months been more aggressive in moving to work with us on policy solutions."

As I reported earlier this month, just days before the midterms Jack Dorsey banned some 10,000 accounts at the request of the partisan Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

A report in The New York Times last week said that Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) -- whose daughter Alison works at Facebook -- told Warner to "back off" of Facebook:
Back off, [Schumer] told Mr. Warner, according to a Facebook employee briefed on Mr. Schumerís intervention. Mr. Warner should be looking for ways to work with Facebook, Mr. Schumer advised, not harm it. Facebook lobbyists were kept abreast of Mr. Schumerís efforts to protect the company, according to the employee.
Earlier this year, Democrat Chris Murphy reacted to Big Tech's coordinated banning of Infowars by demanding more censorship across the board, insisting "the survival of our democracy depends on it."

"Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart," Murphy wrote August 6 on Twitter. "These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it."

Democrat Seth Moulton of Massachusetts, while claiming to support free speech, also cheered the banning of Infowars and made up fake news that Alex Jones was "inciting violence," despite every site saying they banned him for his speech.

The Democrats' plan for internet censorship, which was written by Warner, leaked in late July and it showed they wanted to effectively eliminate all anonymity on the internet.

Warner and other Democrats appear to have effectively pressured Facebook and other Big Tech companies to censor right-wing voices by threatening to regulate them into the ground. Meanwhile, Republicans did nothing to stop their blatant election interference -- which may have lost them the House as a result -- and despite threatening action on Twitter President Trump has failed to issue any executive orders to secure free speech online.

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