Alex Jones Banned From Twitter For Protesting Big Tech Censorship At Public Hearing On Censorship

Chris Menahan
Sep. 06, 2018

Alex Jones was permanently banned from Twitter on Thursday for so-called "abusive behavior" one day after confronting Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, CNN's Oliver Darcy and Senators Marco Rubio and Ron Wyden at a public hearing in Washington DC on Big Tech censorship.

Paul Joseph Watson was also hit with a 12 hour ban for tweeting out video of Alex Jones's confrontation with Oliver Darcy.

Not only was the @RealAlexJones account permabanned but also Alex Jones's news organization @Infowars.

Twitter released a vague statement in the interest of "transparency" where they justified the ban by claiming he violated their "abusive behavior policy." They refused to specify exactly what broke their vague terms.

It appears like Twitter may have tipped off the media before carrying out the banning. Nearly all fake news outlets ran with the "abusive behavior" angle despite being given zero specifics:

Here's how the AP reported it:
Twitter permanently banned right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars show for abusive behavior, a day after CEO Jack Dorsey testified before Congress about alleged bias against conservatives on the platform.

The company said Jones won’t be able to create new accounts on Twitter or take over any existing ones. In a tweet, it said it would continue to monitor reports about other accounts potentially associated with Jones or Infowars, and will “take action” if it finds any attempts to circumvent the ban.

Twitter said Jones posted a video on Wednesday that violates the company’s policy against “abusive behavior.” That video showed Jones berating CNN journalist Oliver Darcy for some 10 minutes in between two congressional hearings on social media. Dorsey testified at both hearings, but did not appear to witness the confrontation.

Jones had about 900,000 followers on Twitter. Infowars had about 430,000. Jones did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

New Jersey Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone praised Twitter’s action in a tweet. “Glad Twitter is taking steps to put an end to the abusive behavior from Alex Jones & Infowars,” the tweet stated. “Tweets designed to threaten, belittle, demean and silence individuals have no place on this platform.”
Alex Jones responded to the ban on Infowars:

As Styxhexenhammer noted, Alex Jones's crime was doing actual journalism.

It strongly appears he was banned for making fun of CNN's chief censorship advocate and hall monitor Oliver Dorsey:

Tucker Carlson indirectly criticized the banning on Twitter:

Conservatives were furious:

Though Jones was banned for confronting a CNN propagandist at a public hearing, CNN is allowed to dox old ladies and harass them at their homes for sharing some alleged Russian posts on Facebook:

According to Infowars' Rob Dew, a source told him CNN's Oliver Darcy "was giving 'high fives and butt slaps' to employees" after hearing news of the ban.

Just a few months ago, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted out an article -- which he said was a "great read" -- that said the US is in a second "civil war" with no "bipartisan way forward" and "one side or the other must win."

Are Republicans ever going to realize these neo-Bolsheviks hate America, hate free speech, hate the free press and want every Trump supporter to be subject to show trials and thrown in gulags?

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