Trump: 'We As A Country Cannot Tolerate Political Censorship, Blacklisting and Rigged Search Results'

Chris Menahan
Aug. 30, 2018

During a rally in Indiana on Thursday, President Trump told social media giants that "we will not let large corporations silence conservative voices."

"My administration is also standing up for the free speech rights of all Americans," Trump said.

"You look at Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants and I made it clear that we as a country cannot tolerate political censorship, blacklisting and rigged search results," he said.

"We will not let large corporations silence conservative voices," Trump said. "We're not going to let them control what we can and cannot see, read and learn from."

"America's a free country and we are going to stay always a free country!"

As I reported on Thursday, contrary to Google's lies, they've been "rigging" their search results for over a decade -- and it has only gotten worse.

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