Congolese Immigrant Scales Statue of Liberty On July 4th, Demands ICE Be Abolished, Illegals Released

Chris Menahan
Jul. 05, 2018

The woman who ruined the 4th of July for thousands of tourists and put dozens of officer's lives at risk to demand America have open borders has been identified as 44-year-old Therese Patricia Okoumou, an immigrant from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Though Okoumou's protest demanded ICE be abolished, all deportations be halted and detaining illegals be outlawed, she's actually the poster child for why we need ICE and a massive deportation force.

From the NY Post:
According to court records, [Therese Patricia Okoumou is] a Congolese immigrant who once filed a complaint with the New York City Commission on Human Rights — seeking a judicial review and reversal of a “determination” it made regarding alleged incidents of abuse that Okoumou suffered at the hands of a social services agency on Staten Island where she worked.

Specifically, Okoumou claimed that in 2005 she was treated “in a demeaning manner” by her bosses and told that she would be fired “for complaining of discrimination.” It’s unclear why her complaint was tossed out.
It was probably tossed out because she didn't understand you have to prove "discrimination" rather than merely file a suit and get free taxpayer money because you screamed racism.

Leftists are hailing the Democratic Socialist as their new hero:

She was with the group "Rise and Resist" who called for an end to all deportations and said illegals should be above the law and shielded from being detained:

As the NY Post reports, "Organizers initially tried distancing themselves from Okoumou’s Statue of Liberty stunt — saying she had 'no connection' to their cause — but later admitted that she was part of the group."

Leftists are a disloyal bunch. After they realized how terrible it looked to throw their "comrade" under the bus they changed their tune.

Okoumou is the new face of the Democratic Party. Non-citizens paralyzing our society and putting lives in jeopardy to demand we open our borders to the world -- all while telling us we have no right to a country of our own.

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