GOP's Balls Just Dropped: Republicans Release Ad Savaging 'Unhinged' Democrat Party

Chris Menahan
Jun. 26, 2018

The GOP released a savage ad on Tuesday showing how the Democrats have become completely "unhinged" radical extremists.

From The Gateway Pundit:
The well produced ad opens with Senator Bernie Sanders saying, "a few years ago, ideas that we talked about were thought to be fringe ideas, radical ideas, extremist ideas -- those ideas are now mainstream," over footage of graffiti that reads "revolution or death" and Kathy Griffin holding President Trump's severed head.
It goes on to feature the bullying of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Johnny Depp talking about assassinating the president, and Madonna talking about blowing up the White House.

The ad, which does not mention any specific GOP candidates, is sharp, shocking, and absolutely what the GOP needs to invigorate their base and bring in rational independents who are sick of the insanity.
This is Trump's Republican Party now.

If Jeb or Romney were in the White House right now Karl Rove would be producing ads for the GOP touting illegal immigration as an "act of love" and apologizing for not passing DACA or some other stupid s**t.

They'd blather on about "our values" and tax cuts.

Instead, the whole GOP is becoming uncucked thanks to Trump's alpha-stylings and waging total war.

The main criticism in the comments is the video isn't radical enough.

"Should have closed with news footage of the Steve Scalise shooting," reads the top comment on YouTube from The Next News Network.

Slicing in footage of Trump supporters being attacked would be good too.

I'm assuming they didn't want to go too hard for the sake of civility. I'm not going to fault them as this is a big deal for the GOP to go this hard. Anyone can make an ad like this and I'm sure Super-Elite PACs are going to go even harder.

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