Science Mag Writer: Industrial-Scale Human Sacrifice By Mexicas Wasn't 'Horrific' or 'Evil'

"It's hard for me to imagine that people *wanted* to be sacrificed, but that's my own biases and cultural conditioning talking."
Chris Menahan

Jun. 24, 2018

Science Magazine's latest cover story revealed how archaeologists found a "literal tower of skulls beneath Mexico City."

Many people on Twitter responded by saying this proves Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes was right:

Others said the Mexica were worse than the Nazis:

Science Magazine writer Lizzie Wade evidently got triggered by the responses to her article and went on a tweetstorm trying to explain why industrial-scale human sacrifice as practiced by the Mexica wasn't "horrific" or "evil."

Here's some of the responses:

Incidentally, at least 33 skulls were found in January in the drug cartel dominated territory of Nayarit in western Mexico.

As this is their culture, don't you dare say it's "evil"!

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