Journalist John Pilger: Skripal Case a 'Carefully Constructed Drama,' 'Propaganda Campaign'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 20, 2018

Veteran journalist John Pilger, one of the last honest liberals, said Sunday that the Skripal case "is a carefully constructed drama."

From TruthDig:
"There's no evidence. ... Russia's request for a sample of this nerve agent has been turned down," Pilger explained. "The British police have made no commentary on this. This is extraordinary. So you have an attempted murder. You have a crime scene. And you have no evidence. And neither do you have a motive. Why on earth would Russia on the eve of an election, and on the eve of staging the World (football) Cup, want to destroy, if you like, its international name with such a crime? ... But there's plenty of motive on the other side."
Pilger, who has a history of strong criticism against imperialism, pointed out that the Skripal attack happened not far from the Porton Down facility, England's military research base, where chemical weapons are developed.

He also compared the current anti-Russia global climate to the lies that fueled the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

"This is a propaganda campaign promoted specifically in the media and in the government," Pilger concluded.
The British government said Monday they will allow the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to test the substance, but not the Russian government.

The best motive the media could come up with for Russia to poison Skripal with a substance that could trace back to them was Putin wanted to manufacture anti-Russian sentiment to portray himself as a persecuted victim before his election (which polls showed he was slated to win with 70% of the vote). As the Guardian said, "Russia under siege is a favourite Kremlin theme."

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