Jared Kushner's Brother Josh Donates $50k to Anti-Gun 'March For Our Lives'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 12, 2018

Jared Kushner's brother Josh Kushner has "quietly" donated $50,000 to the anti-Second Amendment activist group "March for Our Lives," according to Axios.

"Josh Kushner a venture capitalist and entrepreneur who founded Thrive Capital, a venture capital firm; Oscar, a health insurance company; and Cadre, a real estate investment platform (and brother of Jared) has quietly donated $50,000 to March for Our Lives," Axios reported Sunday.

The two's father, Charles Kushner, is a convicted felon who was arrested for hiring a prostitute to entrap his own brother-in-law.

From the Washington Examiner:
In 2004, Jared Kushner's father Charles, a real estate magnate in New Jersey and New York, pleaded guilty to a tax fraud scheme in which he claimed hundreds of thousands of dollars in phony deductions for office expenses at the partnerships he created to manage the apartment buildings he owned. Kushner, a major donor to the Democratic Party, also pleaded guilty to fraudulently making hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions in the names of employees and associates who didn't know their names were being used. Finally, Kushner pleaded guilty to retaliating against a cooperating witness in the case his sister. He did so by setting a trap in which he hired a prostitute to lure his sister's husband into a sexual encounter in a New Jersey hotel, where the action was secretly photographed and videotaped. Kushner sent the pictures and tape to his sister as revenge, apparently motivated by Kushner's belief that she and her husband were helping U.S. Attorney Christie and his prosecutors.

Another Kushner brother-in-law, his wife's brother Richard Stadtmauer, was charged in the tax evasion scheme, and was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison. Beyond that, the Kushner family also brought employees into the fraud, with three Kushner Companies workers charged in the matter. All pleaded guilty.
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