Tucker Carlson Warns Anti-White Racism Leading to Rise in White Nationalism, Gets Called a Racist

Chris Menahan
Jan. 04, 2018

Wednesday on Fox News, Tucker Carlson politely suggested propaganda organ's like Haim Saban's "The Root" and Jonah Peretti's "Buzzfeed" stop running anti-white hate pieces because it's leading to political polarization along racial lines in America.

Carlson suggest people should be treating "one another as individuals, rather than as members of groups" and said "attacking people on the basis of their race is wrong."

He was labeled a vicious racist and a KKK member in response.

Here how Salon reported the story:
In a rather galactic stretch of the imagination, Fox News host Tucker Carlson told his viewers Wednesday night that it is not right-wing media or, you know, good-old fashioned racism that's help fueling white nationalism, but what he views as anti-white propaganda disseminated by progressive, pro-inclusion websites such as Buzzfeed and The Root.

"Liberals say they abhor white nationalism, and they should," said Carlson. "But at the same time, they are promoting it with crap like this," he said, referencing articles from BuzzFeed and The Root.

Addressing his audience in a way that suggests he believes all of them are white (which may indeed be the truth), the host continued, "Now some smug private-school kid from Brooklyn is lecturing you about how you are the problem, because the color of your skin, and the privilege it conveys. How much of that are you going to take before you explode at the unfairness of it all?"

Such explosions in response to reading BuzzFeed articles were, he reasoned, why Americans become radicalized white supremacists. "And at that point," he said, "why wouldn't you embrace a racial identity?"

Somewhat ironically, he continued, pleading for justice. "Everybody else seems to be doing it. That's a disaster, and it's not theoretical, by the way," he said. "That's what's going to happen in this country, unless people start deciding they're going to treat one another as individuals, rather than as members of groups."

Offering an even deeper irony were Carlson's words at the top of the segment. "There's a basic moral principle that was, for a long time, conventional wisdom in this country, you probably grew up with it," he said. "It was this: people deserve to be treated as individuals, judged by their own efforts and abilities on the things they can control. Attacking people on the basis of their race is wrong — that was the standard and, for a long time, people believed it."

He continued, saying that "on the left, it is now acceptable, even encouraged, to attack and discriminate against people solely on the basis of their skin color."
They go on to accuse him of being a racist:
As writer Michael Harriot said in a response to Carlson in a piece published on The Root, "The Root has never sent Fox News viewers’ children to underfunded white schools. The Root doesn’t subject Tucker Carlson’s fans to longer prison sentences because they are white. The Root has never issued a travel ban against mediocre white boys or tried to deport the Caucasians who come to our country and take our jobs."
Here's a sampling of The Root's headlines:

Here's some other headlines reacting to Tucker's piece:

Where could Tucker have possibly got the idea the media is spewing anti-white hate?

According to transgender activist Brianna Wu, Tucker saying people shouldn't be targeted due to their race makes him a member of the KKK.

For some reason, I don't think the trend Tucker is warning about is going to reverse itself.

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