#TwitterPurge: Twitter Bans Right-Wingers Just Days After Fighting For 'Net Neutrality'

Chris Menahan
Dec. 18, 2017

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey oversaw the banning of a host of right-wing figures on Monday, from American Renaissance's Jared Taylor to Britain First's Jayda Fransen, whose videos of Muslims attacking people President Trump recently retweeted.

Paul Golding of Britain First was also banned, as well as Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent, Generation Identity, The Traditionalist Workers Party, Michael Hill of The League Of The South and many others.

Everyone banned was right-wing.

Just days ago, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was championing net neutrality, saying it's "indispensable to free expression."

"Twitter stands for freedom of expression and for empowering dialogue," said one message from Twitter's Public Policy account which Dorsey retweeted.

"We strongly oppose the FCC’s proposed weakening of Net Neutrality protections and will continue to fight for an open Internet, which is indispensable to free expression, consumer choice, and innovation," said another.

It's noteworthy that they banned Jared Taylor as he was also the first person to have a video put into YouTube purgatory.

Twitter's new censorship policy explicitly states they will ban people due to their views whether expressed on or off their website.

The fake news media who went hysterical over the repeal of net neutrality last week are now celebrating this attack on free speech.

Though a new tweet under the hashtag #TwitterPurge is currently appearing every few seconds, the hashtag is not trending, likely due to Twitter staff actively suppressing it, as they admitted was done with #DNCLeak during the 2016 election.

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