SHOCK VIDEO: Antifa Mob Spits All Over Trump Supporter

Chris Menahan
Aug. 28, 2017

Disturbing video from Sunday's anti-Marxism rally at Berkeley shows a mob of antifa spit all over an innocent supporter of President Trump.

Arthur Schaper was first attacked with mace early on Sunday, then chased by a mob of antifa who stole his Trump hat and his glasses and then spat all over him.

An "anti-hate" protester told CBS SF Bay Area the violence is justified because "white supremacists" make her "feel unsafe."

"You know, I'm OK with people making white supremacists feel unwelcome," the woman says. "You're making me feel unsafe in my own country because I'm a Jew, and I'm like, what does this mean for our society?"

Arthur Schaper is not a white supremacist. Schaper told the Guardian, "The main reason we are here is free speech."

He attended the event with his friend Marco Gutierrez of Latinos For Trump.

The real question we should be asking is what does it mean for our society that people can no longer hold rallies without police standing down and letting violent antifa mobs attack them?

What does it mean for our society that leftists no longer believe in free speech and want to repeal the First Amendment?

What does it mean for our society that everyone to the right of Karl Marx is labeled a "Nazi" who deserves to be "punched"?

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