WhateverGate: WashPo Says Trump Asked Intel Chiefs To Do Something Or Other, Needs To Be Impeached

Chris Menahan
May. 22, 2017

The latest "WhateverGate" fake scandal leaked by anonymous deep state operatives to The Washington Post involves President Trump allegedly asking two top intelligence officials to "help him push back against an FBI investigation into possible coordination between his campaign and the Russian government."

Even though no evidence of collusion has surfaced after nine months and the talk of collusion quiets down every time Trump does what the establishment and deep state wants like for example, bomb Syria any move on Trump's part to fight back against this scheme to sabotage his presidency is Watergate times a thousand.

From The Washington Post, "Trump asked intelligence chiefs to push back against FBI collusion probe after Comey revealed its existence":
President Trump asked two of the nation's top intelligence officials in March to help him push back against an FBI investigation into possible coordination between his campaign and the Russian government, according to current and former officials.

Trump made separate appeals to the director of national intelligence, Daniel Coats, and to Adm. Michael S. Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, urging them to publicly deny the existence of any evidence of collusion during the 2016 election.

Coats and Rogers refused to comply with the requests, which they both deemed to be inappropriate, according to two current and two former officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private communications with the president.

Trump sought the assistance of Coats and Rogers after FBI Director James B. Comey told the House Intelligence Committee on March 20 that the FBI was investigating "the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia's efforts."

Trump's conversation with Rogers was documented contemporaneously in an internal memo written by a senior NSA official, according to the officials. It is unclear if a similar memo was prepared by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to document Trump's conversation with Coats. Officials said such memos could be made available to both the special counsel now overseeing the Russia investigation and congressional investigators, who might explore whether Trump sought to impede the FBI's work.

[...]Trump made his appeal to Coats days after Comey's testimony, according to officials.

That same week, Trump telephoned Rogers to make a similar appeal.

In his call with Rogers, Trump urged the NSA director to speak out publicly if there was no evidence of collusion, according to officials briefed on the exchange.

Rogers was taken aback but tried to respectfully explain why he could not do so, the officials said. For one thing, he could not comment on an ongoing investigation. Rogers added that he would not talk about classified matters in public.
Let's imagine how this went down.

"Hey, you know, they're breaking my balls here bigly with this fake scandal which everyone knows is a total scam to destroy my presidency, is there anything you could do to help me?"


"Oh, ok."


*Deep state proceeds to leak content of conversation straight to their operatives at The Washington Post and The New York Times.*

Wow, what a scandal!

Of course, if you actually read the full WashPo article it's filled with unrelated content and wild innuendo with "former" CIA people saying Trump's actions were "an appalling abuse of power" and blah blah blah. Their statements carry as much weight as California Representative Ted Lieu saying if Trump colluded with Russia to win the election he committed "the greatest political crime in history."

The only scandal here is the deep state openly sabotaging our democratically elected president because they disagree with his polices and their deep state puppet candidate lost at the ballot box.

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