Fact-Check Obsessed Media Accept Assad Behind Chemical Attack Without Question

Chris Menahan
Apr. 08, 2017

The media fact-checked a Sean Spicer joke about Russian salad dressing two weeks ago, but none of them cared to fact-check the Trump administration's claim Assad was behind the chemical attack in Syria which was used as a pretext for Thursday's bombing campaign.

Factcheck.org "fact-checked" Trump's arbitrary claim Obama missed "a great opportunity to solve this crisis," which is a subjective opinion. They deemed his claims were "not the whole story."

The New York Times took the same angle, "fact-checking" Trump's subjective opinion by highlighting his tweets from 2013 which show he opposed Obama intervening in Syria.

The Associated Press also fact-checked the same claims, saying "many in the foreign policy establishment essentially agree with Trump" but "that's not to say he told the full story." They too highlighted Trump's old tweets to "fact-check" his subjective opinion.

Snopes ran the claims without skepticism in a plain-old fact-check-free news article, merely reporting the Trump administration "said that the strike was directed at the airplanes that were used to carry out a chemical attack."

Politifact did take the time to fact-check claims of whether or not Assad carried out the attack, but they only "fact-checked" those skeptical of the claims, saying they could find "no credible evidence" to back up skeptics' theories.

Not one single fact-checker pointed out we've been given no evidence to prove Assad was behind the alleged chemical attack in Syria. While the lying media are happy to fact-check every one of Trump's subjective opinions, they couldn't care less about fact-checking his administrations' pretext for a bombing campaign in Syria which could potentially lead to a nuclear war with Russia.

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