Fake News: CNN Runs Segment Suggesting Trump Will Put Muslims in Internment Camps

President Trump “could make a dark moment in history a reality again”
Steve Watson

Dec. 06, 2016

Fake news channel CNN is at it again. On Monday the network ran an entire segment that essentially informed its dwindling viewership that when Donald Trump becomes the president next month he will begin a program of rounding up Muslim-Americans and placing them in internment camps.

Yes, you heard that right. CNN's New Day ran a fearmongering piece in which 'reporter' Kyung Lah interviewed two Japanese-American women who survived internment camps during World War II, prompting the women to say that they fear a similar thing will happen under Trump's presidency.

The women suggested that Trump "could make a dark moment in history a reality again" by literally having armed goons round up and imprison Muslims.

One of the women said "You have to fight for your civil rights. You can't just sit back and say that I'll let that happen."

While intimating that it probably will be attempted, Lah assured viewers that there is public "awareness" and "opposition to Washington,"so "history repeating" could be prevented.

"Their hope, that America's arc of the moral universe bends this time towards justice." Lah said of the two Japanese women.


The report wasnt' even about Trump and was supposed to be focused on an upcoming visit to Pearl Harbor that the prime minister of Japan is planning to coincide with the final days in office of the outgoing President.

Instead, CNN used it as a way of trying to convince Americans that Trump is some kind of dangerous forced labor camp running dictator before he has even entered office.

To bolster it's completely fake assertions, CNN also ran clips of former Navy SEAL and Trump supporter Carl Higbie, taking comments he made about the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII completely out of context to suggest he is in favour of such a scenario.

CNN also ran clips of incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn out of context to make it sound like he was calling Islam in its entirety a "cancer" on the planet.

As the Media Research Center notes, CNN failed to inform viewers that Higbie's comments from the November 16 broadcast of The Kelly File on Fox News also contained Higbie dismissing any notion that he would ever advocate interment for Muslims. That portion of the interview was conveniently omitted from CNN's report.

Similarly, Lieutenant General Flynn specifically referred to "radical Islam" as a cancer during different speeches he made several weeks ago. Yet the network has repeatedly edited out this term, instead insinuating that Flynn called all Muslims a cancer.

Of course we shouldn't be surprised that CNN is running this kind of blatant propaganda on their network every day, after all it is a FAKE news channel.

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