LOL! HuffPo Has Syrian Kids Read Script Calling for U.S. Military Intervention, Hillary's No-Fly Zone

Chris Menahan
Oct. 19, 2016

The shameless propaganda is real.

In this hilariously disgusting new video from Huffington Post, they have a bunch of small Syrian children allegedly from Aleppo read from a script "their" questions for our presidential candidates.

"When will you come and stop Bashar [al-Assad]?" one boy asks, implying he wants the US government to overthrow their government so ISIS can take over as happened in Libya.

"When will you start protecting us from the planes?" another girl asks, implying she wants the US to institute a no-fly zone over their nation -- which is Hillary Clinton's official stated policy and which people on the left and right all agree is completely insane and could trigger a nuclear war with Russia.

Hilariously, even though it's blatant as hell the kids are reading from a script and are being coached, Huffington Post "national reporter" Christopher Mathias claims the kids aren't being coached and the questions are their own:
The Huffington Post worked with freelance journalists in Aleppo to let children answer this question on camera: “If you could ask the US presidential candidates one question, what would it be?” The kids weren’t coached, and filmed their answers only during daylight hours, when it was safe to go outside.

Here's a picture of Mathias from his Twitter, where he spends all his time whining about "Islamophobia."

Currently, their video only has some 548 views on YouTube and it's being massively downvoted.

Here's a sampling of some of the comments:

I liked this one from YouTuber MickDick l: "Nice and scripted. Typical lefty media bull shit. Bet they bribed the kids too."

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