Watch Hillary Clinton Feign Surprise During Interview We Now Know Was Scripted

Chris Menahan
Oct. 05, 2016

When Steve Harvey showed Hillary Clinton pictures from her childhood during her appearance on his TV show earlier this year, Clinton feigned surprise and said things like "Oh my goodness!"

Thanks to a new leak from DCLeaks, we've now learned the interview was almost entirely scripted by her own campaign in concert with Steve Harvey's producers.

From the Free Beacon:
Talk show host Steve Harvey provided Hillary Clinton's campaign with the exact questions he would ask of Clinton during a February interview, according to an internal campaign memo sent a week before the interview and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

"Steve is known to be a host who goes out of his way to make his guests feel comfortable," two of Clinton's top communications aides wrote in a memo to Clinton a week ahead of her interview. "We coordinated closely with the show's producers on the script and format of the show."

The memo, sent to Clinton on Feb. 17, 2016, by campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney and communications aide Betsaida Alcantara, was attached to an email posted on the website by hackers suspected of acting in concert with the Russian government.
Read the actual memo, canned responses for Harvey's questions are written down in full.

She gets fake questions from the audience and her campaign prepared canned responses for her to give in return.

It's comical.
One of the individuals behind the website provided the Free Beacon with a password to access that email and others sent to and from Clinton volunteer Beanca Nicholson, who was doing advance work for a campaign swing through Chicago that included the Harvey interview.

The campaign memo reveals that Clinton's staff worked with Harvey to craft the structure of the interview, and briefed the Democratic presidential nominee ahead of time on the precise wording of Harvey's questions.

The questions touched on Clinton's granddaughter, her preference for deep dish or thin crust pizza, her campaign's "great start," efforts to bridge America's racial divide, and her support for gun control policies.

According to the memo, Clinton's staff saw Harvey's show as an effective and low-risk way to reach out to female and African American voters. They also noted recent episodes of the show that focused on issues that Clinton had stressed during her campaign.
Here's some short clips from the show:

There's a clear attempt at trying to humanize her by showing her childhood pictures before she lost her soul and embarked on a single-minded quest for power.

Here's the staged question from the audience I framed above:

When Donald Trump does interviews with the media, he's generally walking into a lion's den where the TV producers have plotted out ways to try and destroy him.

When Hillary does interviews, the TV producers work with her campaign to portray her in the best possible light and make her appear human.

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