LA Times Poll: Trump Takes Lead Over Clinton 45-43, Sees 10 Point Jump in Black Support

Chris Menahan
Aug. 21, 2016

Just days after Donald Trump switched up his campaign and delivered quite possibly the best speech of his life, he's taken the lead over Hillary Clinton in an LA Times/USC Dornsife Poll.

Despite the controlled media running hoax after hoax in an attempt to discredit him and foreign agents in his own party like Bill Kristol doing everything they can to sabotage him, Trump is once again showing he cannot be stumped.

The biggest shift appears to be a 10 point jump in black support, which stands now at 12.8. Previously, his black support numbers were hovering anywhere from 2.5% to around 5%.

This means Trump's call for "law and order" actually had a huge effect and blacks are finally realizing burning down their own communities in response to black cops shooting black criminals is not the wisest of decisions.

Since George Soros and other billionaires funded the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement the over the last few years, the homicide rate in predominantly African-American cities has skyrocketed according to the DOJ.

The lying media has managed to convince black people white people are out to get them when the truth is the biggest threat to black lives is other blacks.

Send this video to every African-American person in America so they can wake the hell up to what's really going on rather than let the lying media and con-artist billionaires fill their heads with bull:

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