Germany: Leftist Women Cover-Up Their Own Rapes by Muslim Migrants

Chris Menahan
Aug. 02, 2016

It was only a matter of time before the German women who held signs saying "refugees welcome" got their "welcoming."

In these reports from German TV, multiple socialist, left-wing women tell of their being raped by so-called "refugees." Rather than report their crimes, they felt compelled to cover them up and lie and claim native Germans were involved too.

Their concern to this day is not that they've imported an actual rape culture, but that the rapists not tarnish the image of the rest of the wonderful refugees.

As Baron Bodissey writes, "The common theme of the accounts given by the women interviewed in these reports is that itís more important not to give any oxygen to the right wing than it is to prevent rapes and other forms of sexual violence."

Of course, the ultimate "Socialist German woman" covering-up these Muslim rapes is none other than German president Angela Merkel.

She welcomed these phony "refugees" with open arms and handed them billions in German taxpayer dollars with the promise they'd bring "cultural enrichment" and "help pay elderly folks' pensions."

Now that the destruction has occurred, we see the culture they've brought in is a rape culture and only 54 out of 1 million plus of these enrichers have gotten jobs with any major firms.

That said, the real win here is Merkel and the leftists women and effeminate cucks who welcomed this invasion got to virtue signal and feel really good about themselves.

Perhaps that means -- despite all the rapes, murders, ax attacks, suicide bombings, shooting sprees and general terrorism now normal place in a once peaceful Germany -- it's all worth it in the end.

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