Police Brutally Slam 70-Yr-Old Woman To Ground, Intimidate Witness Filming

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Dec. 12, 2013

In this outrageous video out of Georgia a police officer is seen violently slamming a 70-year-old woman to the ground, then his fellow officer intimidates the man who filmed the incident.

From Nick James on YouTube:
A DUI arrest on a 72 year old women turns bad when Kevin Jones (badge #149) of the Glynn County police is trying to cuff the woman. She was taken down, and did not have her arms to break the force that Jones decided to use on her. The sound is the worst part. Both sides will need this footage, and it deserves to be put online for people to make their own judgement. Glynn County Police,157 Public Safety Blvd. Brunswick, GA

This event happened on 12/5/2013
The video is going viral on YouTube but it appears no articles have yet been written about it.

UPDATED (12/12/2013): Glynn County police investigating arrest
A Glynn County police officer has been placed on administrative duty during an internal affairs investigation of his conduct in a Dec. 5 arrest on St. Simons Island in which a woman was thrown to the ground, the police chief said.

[...]While Jones placed the woman against the back of his patrol car, “she gets very rigid and won’t cooperate,’’ [Police Chief Matt] Doering said.

The woman had already “clawed’’ Jones’ hand and again sunk her fingernails into his hand causing additional painful, lacerations that drew blood, Doering said.

In the dark, Jones wasn’t sure it was her nails so he acted to stop her assault, Doering said.

“He throws her to the ground to stop her from assaulting him and finish the arrest,’’ Doering said.

From Nick James on YouTube:
This is the full version. I walked up on the scene, so I only have what is recorded. At the time the police were trying to get in the car. The women pleaded her fifth amendment right. This was told to me by a witness watching before me. The police are trying to unlock the car door. I cut this out to make the video get down to what really happened. The force that was used is what we are debating. Kevin Jones did have small scratches on his hand. Surface scratches that bleed a little, but did not need more than antiseptic and wrapping. I have them treating him after on film. There was an ambulance and fire truck that came to the scene later. I will be posting it soon. From what a recently heard she was clawing at him. I will have the other video up soon.
UPDATED II: The officer is now back on the job and his police chief said he "acted reasonably."

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