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May. 07, 2013

Latest: Cleveland Police Say They'll "Review" Handling Of 911 Call After Public CriticismThe problem with government granted monopolies is the quality of service they provide reflects the fact they don't have to compete for dollars in the marketplace. They get money regardless of the quality of the "service" they provide.

Here's a good example of this principle in effect, listen to the way this 911 dispatcher treats Charles Ramsey, the now famous man who tipped off police to three teens who were held hostage for a decade.

The dispatcher acts just as you would expect an entitled bureaucrat to act, his paycheck isn't dependent on serving customers, he gets paid regardless of the quality of the service he provides, therefore "customers" are just a nuisance getting in the way of his sitting around.

Here's some other classic dispatcher calls which reflect this very same attitude, this is what you get when you let a monopolist provide your "services" and outlaw free markets.

See: 911 Operator (Barely) Disciplined Over Callous Response To Girl As Her Parents Died

Here's another classic 911 call:

In other cases, a 911 operator ordered a victim to return to the scene of a crime, the man reluctantly did as he was ordered, he was summarily murdered.

Another man who called 911 to report a criminal cop had the dispatcher rat him out to the cop, who then called him personally and threatened to "f**k him up."

A particularly disturbing incident happened with Rebecca Prieto, another 911 operator who was extremely rude to Olidia Kerr Day, a mother of three who was fleeing a gunman trying to kill her, she drove to the police station with the gunman tailing her, she begged the 911 operator to provide her with help, yet the operator instead did nothing at all and copped an attitude, the woman was gunned down and shot right in front of the police station.

Listen to the audio from ABC News:

These are just a few examples illustrating why it's extremely foolish to believe a government monopoly can provide the same level of service, or even as some believe better quality services, than the free market. All government "services" are monopolies, competition is literally against the law, this is what we get as a result.
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