The CDC Is a Criminal Organization

by Karen De Coster, The LRC Blog
Sep. 09, 2010

For over a year, I have followed, documented, and exposed the government’s fear mongering regarding the swine flu pandemic botch. The results were predictable from the start.

In June of this year, this spectacular article came and went with barely a mention ’round the Internet. Richard Gale and Gary Null wrote a very important piece, “The CDC Votes in Favor of a Flu Vaccination Assault on Americans' Health.” Early in the article, the authors make the statement that, “Nevertheless, we should still brace ourselves for another year of old yarn, fear-mongering, media spin and more voodoo science.” Indeed, though the WHO just recently declared the swine flu (non)pandemic to be over, the scaremongering is already ramping up regarding the seasonal flu. Note this laughable paragraph from a recent article in the Swine Flu Journal:
Federal health officials are gearing up to persuade more Americans to get vaccinated against the flu this fall, in the aftermath of last year’s pandemic that killed thousands nationwide, sickened millions, and frustrated many before petering out.
First off, “millions” weren’t sickened, and, what is the definition of “frustrated many?” The pandemic that wasn’t a pandemic ….. “frustrated many?” What does that really mean? Definition, please?

Compare the above statement with the fact that the CDC predicted up to 90,000 swine flu deaths in the U.S., with 2 million getting infected; the WHO was warning that 7+ million people could and might die; and the final tally was 12,000 deaths in the U.S. (rounded up), and 500 in the UK after UK propagandists predicted 65,000 deaths. And add to that the fact that the numbers reported in the U.S. were not verified scientifically -- the CDC just made up numbers. The CDC and medical establishment that declared the pandemic a worldwide emergency intentionally avoided monitoring and tracking swine flu cases and the spread of the infection. As Gale and Null point out, the CDC also does not distinguish between deaths from flu and pneumonia, another intentional spin of the death numbers.

The article also discusses a “recent unanimous 11-0 vote by the members of the Centers for Disease Control's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) favoring every American over the age of six months receive the flu influenza vaccine.” This is a change from past recommendations, where only people who were deemed to be in “at risk” categories were included in the “must have vaccination” category. Indeed, the “at risk” categories were arbitrary, pseudo-science declarations made on behalf of establishment bureaucrats who were working in the best interests of the powerful government-medical-pharmaceutical complex. However, understand that the reason behind the creeping recommendations is that totalitarianism must take on a gradualist form in order to be inconspicuous to the hoodwinked members of the masses. All-at-once declarations are more transparent and immediately give rise to suspicions, questions, and resistance, whereas piecemeal oppression is less evident and has a “lighter” touch. Stealth socialism promotes gradualism and deception over outright insurgence and power grabs at breakneck speed. In fact, those "at risk" categories for flu vaccinations, as with everything else, gradually grew to include more potential at-risk individuals whose inclusion would serve to generate bigger profits for powerful corporate state interests.

Additionally, Gale and Null write this:
So far the CDC has weathered the WHO controversy in Europe unscathed. A fundamental oversight in the CE's investigation and hearings has been solely targeting the WHO. It ignores the role of government health agencies' complicity in promulgating the H1N1 hoax and the flushing away of billions of dollars into the drug industry, especially during an economic downturn and recession. As we witness the WHO's indifference and denial of wrongdoing crumble, the question remains over whether or not the CDC was complicit in the propagandizing of the astronomically expensive H1N1 hoax.

"¦In the shadow of this medical charade, the drug makers are laughing their way to the banks. No Big Pharma executive is sitting before investigative committees to give an accounting of corporations' role in the pandemic debacle. Instead, after scoring over $6 billion (Associated Press, May 19, 2010 ) it is again business as usual and another flu season ahead to further increase revenue.
The pharmaceutical industry places reliance on long-term planning in order to predict the direction and scope of its research and development. Predictability reduces uncertainty, and nothing is more comforting to corporate executives than being able to foresee, ahead of time, a fairly accurate representation of its potential patrons.

Big Pharma, as a whole, follows a systematic progression in its quest for securing a greater number of customers for its products. Essentially, there are three types of "customers" for Big Pharma's legal dope:

1)   Sick people, most of whom do not need pharmaceuticals -- with exceptions, of course -- because they can cure what ails them through food choices and lifestyle modification.

2)   Healthy people who must be convinced, through the use of propaganda, that they have some ailment -- restless leg syndrome, high cholesterol, a genetic predisposition for breast cancer, etc. -- that needs medical intervention and a pharmaceutical silver bullet(s).

3)   Healthy people who are heavily propagandized into believing that every potential ailment or disease is a) a possible/likely event, and b) is preventable through aggressive drug treatment.

Out of the three, the last choice has the greatest potential because:

a) Propaganda is most useful in this instance because people generally place a heavy reliance on their doctors and the medical establishment as a whole to understand exactly what their issues and risks are, and they tend to follow orders accordingly.

b) Preventative drugs, like vaccines, can be and have been mandated via coercive political policy that all but guarantees profits, subsidies, and/or the continuance of similar policies in the future.

c) Due to (b) above, there becomes a better understanding of the potential customer base, and therefore revenue streams and profitability can be predictable, serving to alleviate uncertainty.

In closing, the Medical Establishment Journal (ahem, Wall Street Journal) just published a story that revealed prescription drug use (caveat: based on government stats) that revealed an alarming rate of prescription drug usage. Among the findings:
The type of drugs used most often were asthma meds for kids, central nervous system stimulants (such as those used to treat ADHD) for teens, antidepressants for the middle-aged and cholesterol-lowering drugs for older people.
Depending on whose studies you believe, both pharmaceuticals and the medical system are listed as being among the leading causes of death in the U.S. On that note, how many die annually from the use of marijuana?

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