Crisis Averted: New York Hospitalizations Plunge

Chris Menahan
Apr. 09, 2020

It's over.

From The Hill, "Cuomo says New York's new net hospitalizations hit low since coronavirus pandemic":
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on Thursday said the state saw its lowest number of net new hospitalizations in a 24-hour period since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, at 200.

"Luckily, the current trend, if it continues and if we continue the flattening of the curve, we're looking at about 18,000 people hospitalized right now," Cuomo said at his daily press briefing. "We've increased the capacity of the system dramatically and moved pieces around the state like never before. Our health care system has done a phenomenal job in doing an insurmountable task."

Cuomo added that the change in intensive care unit admissions was also at the lowest in the state since mid-March. Total intubations and three-day averages of intubations were also down, Cuomo said.

"All of this data suggests we are flattening the curve so far," he told the press. "So far our efforts are working, they're working better than anyone projected they would work, [and] that's because people are complying with them."
If we're being honest, the same would have probably happened without much effort.

The virus is clearly not as deadly as the "experts" thought, though the "treatments" in the form of ventilators sure as hell were.

New hospitalizations are going sideways in Louisiana as well:


Same goes for Quebec:


New Jersey is expecting their peak to hit in three days:

Boris Johnson is now out of intensive care.

Senator Rand Paul (who had a portion of his lung removed after being attacked by his leftist neighbor) recovered days ago:

I took the virus seriously from the start (while the media and authorities were blowing it off and warning the real threat was "xenophobia") but it's clear the doomsday predictions are not materializing.

These two tweets from New York City council health committee chairman Mark D. Levine were one day apart:

If virus deaths are not going up exponentially every six or so days then it's not a "happening" and it's certainly not a repeat of anything like the 1918 Spanish Flu.

It's looking like total deaths will be below a normal flu season and Ron Paul's predictions were right whereas Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx's predictions of 2 million deaths were wrong.

It's time to start lifting the lockdowns and demanding the government give us back the money they're printing for the $4 trillion Wall Street/banker bailout.

UPDATE: New York ICU Admissions Turn NEGATIVE For First Time

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