'Unprecedented': Biden Admin to Ban Americans From Using Russian-Made Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software

Chris Menahan
Apr. 10, 2024

The Biden administration is planning to take the "unprecedented" step of banning Americans from using the Russian-made Kaspersky anti-virus software on their private computers in the name of "national security," according to CNN.

This appears to be an attempt to test the waters for a future ban on TikTok and then other software frowned upon by our occupiers. Will Telegram and VPNs be banned next?

From CNN, "Biden administration preparing to prevent Americans from using Russian-made software over national security concern":
The Biden administration is preparing to take the unusual step of issuing an order that would prevent US companies and citizens from using software made by a major Russian cybersecurity firm because of national security concerns, five US officials familiar with the matter told CNN.

The move, which is being finalized and could happen as soon as this month, would use relatively new Commerce Department authorities built on executive orders signed by Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump to prohibit Kaspersky Lab from providing certain products and services in the US, the sources said.

US government agencies are already banned from using Kaspersky Lab software but action to prevent private companies from using the software would be unprecedented. Nothing is final until it is announced, the sources cautioned, but the Commerce Department has made an "initial determination" to prohibit certain transactions between the Russian company and US persons, the sources said.

It's the latest US government effort to use its vast regulatory powers to prevent Americans from using popular technology that US officials consider a national security risk. It comes as the Senate weighs a bill that would force Chinese-owned TikTok to find a new owner or face a US ban.
They claim "national security" but as we all saw last month, congressmen openly admitted the reason for the TikTok ban is to help Israel's national security by censoring people criticizing their war on Gaza.

Politico reported in 2019 that Israel was caught spying on Congress and the White House with "StingRay" cellphone surveillance devices placed throughout our Capitol and yet nothing was done to hold them to account.

If this regime gave even the slightest damn about our national security they wouldn't have thrown our border wide open and signed off on Israel's genocide campaign.

This is purely about state censorship and control.

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