NY Times Debunks Own 'Hamas Mass Rape' Hoax, Admits Key Witness Fabricated 'Rape' Claims

Chris Menahan
Mar. 25, 2024

The New York Times released a bombshell article on Monday debunking their own atrocity propaganda report on "Hamas mass rapes" by admitting that a key witness from an Israeli paramilitary unit lied about two sisters being raped.

From The New York Times, "Israeli Soldier's Video Undercuts Medic's Account of Sexual Assault":
New video has surfaced that undercuts the account of an Israeli military paramedic who said two teenagers killed in the Hamas-led terrorist attack on Oct. 7 were sexually assaulted.

The unnamed paramedic, from an Israeli commando unit, was among dozens of people interviewed for a Dec. 28 article by The New York Times that examined sexual violence on Oct. 7. He said he discovered the bodies of two partially clothed teenage girls in a home in Kibbutz Be’eri that bore signs of sexual violence.

The Associated Press, CNN and The Washington Post reported similar accounts from a military paramedic who spoke on condition of anonymity.

But footage taken by an Israeli soldier who was in Be’eri on Oct. 7, which was viewed by leading community members in February and by The Times this month, shows the bodies of three female victims, fully clothed and with no apparent signs of sexual violence, at a home where many residents had believed the assaults occurred.

Though it is unclear if the medic was referring to the same scene, residents said that in no other home in Be’eri were two teenage girls killed, and they concluded from the video that the girls had not been sexually assaulted.

Nili Bar Sinai, a member of a group from the kibbutz that looked into claims of sexual assault at the house, said, “This story is false.”

Reached by The Times, the medic declined to say whether he still stood by the account, saying he would like to put the attacks behind him.

Later, an Israeli military spokesman said that the medic stood by his testimony but might have misremembered the place where he saw the teenage girls. The spokesman, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the attacks on Oct. 7 are the subject of an active police investigation, said the medic operated in several villages that weekend and might have seen the teenagers in a different kibbutz. The spokesman did not specify which one. There is no complete public record of how every victim of the Oct. 7 attack was killed.
Aaron Mate reacted to the news on Monday by mocking the "humiliation" for the Times, noting how The Grayzone "called out this medic's falsehoods months ago" and highlighting how Jeffrey Gettleman was forced to amend his original propaganda report.

"Unsurprisingly, NYT scam artist Gettleman is parroting the Israeli gov's new cover-up attempt," Mate said. "He now amends his original article to acknowledge that his own newspaper has now debunked one of his key witnesses, the medic."

"But Gettleman now parrots the Israeli gov's new excuse that the medic may have seen the two bodies at a different Kibbutz: 'It was unclear if the paramedic was describing bodies he discovered elsewhere.'"

"It's undoubtedly clear that Gettleman is a fraud, and that his article should be retracted."

This "mass rapes" hoax was the cornerstone of Israel's atrocity propaganda aimed at justifying their ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza.

Disgraced Zionist journalist Judith Miller similarly lied America into war with fake news stories in the New York Times claiming Iraq had WMDs and was working on a nuclear bomb.

The Times "Hamas mass rapes" hoax was an outrageous, calculated lie to justify a genocide and con America into arming, funding and supporting Israel's war.

There needs to be a reckoning.

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