WATCH: Tucker Carlson Interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin [UPDATED 2X]

Chris Menahan
Feb. 08, 2024

Tucker Carlson released his much-hyped interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin on X on Thursday.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:00 Putin gives a history of Russia & Ukraine
00:25:04 NATO Expansion
00:30:40 NATO & Bill Clinton
00:41:10 Ukraine
00:48:30 What triggered this conflict?
01:02:37 A peaceful solution?
01:11:33 Who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines?
01:24:13 Re-establishing communication with the US
01:36:33 How powerful is Zelensky?
01:48:36 Elon Musk & AI
01:51:07 Imprisoned American journalist Evan Gershkovich

I'm halfway through and this is the first highlight:

This part was funny:


Putin said former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson shut down peace talks:

UPDATE: Keith Woods nailed it:

"Watching the Putin interview and just thinking what a missed opportunity it was for him," Woods said. "Tucker's audience is willing to hear an honest case based on national sovereignty and mutual respect and instead get a long history lecture, a very abstract case for Russian revanchism, and boomer nonsense about the West being sympathetic to Nazism."

Perhaps, much like Trump, Putin does better in adversarial interviews.

UPDATE II: Here's some clips from his paywalled post-interview commentary:

Elon Musk also dropped this banger on X:

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