Twitter Crashes During Ron DeSantis Presidential Announcement [UPDATED]

Chris Menahan
May. 24, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' presidential announcement on Twitter was undermined on Wednesday by Elon Musk's "Twitter Space" crashing repeatedly before he could get out his schtick.

After around 25 minutes of crashes and delays, Elon Musk's Twitter space was closed/archived and they switched over to David Sacks' account to host the space to fewer listeners (and put less stress on their servers).

DeSantis' mic quality was less than ideal and his speech was rote reading off a script which he seemed to be somewhat rushing as a result of the technical difficulties.

Despite the troubles, DeSantis released his first campaign ad on Twitter shortly before the Space started which (so far) is managing to play just fine:

You can try to listen to the Space live on Sacks' Twitter account.

UPDATE: The Space concluded. It was all pre-scripted questions from his prominent supporters (Rep. Thomas Massie, Chris Rufo and a few others) and DeSantis gave boring answers. He's going to be facing an uphill battle.

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