Chicago: Video Shows Mob Swarm Panicked Man's Car, Jump On His Roof to Cheers

Chris Menahan
Jun. 19, 2022

Happy Juneteenth!

Viral video purportedly out of Chicago on Friday night shows a giant mob of black youths swarm an elderly white man's car, climb onto his roof and start jumping and twerking on it to cheers.

I can't find the source video but a Google image search shows no results before Saturday. The incident allegedly happened on Friday night.

The look on the man's face is truly priceless.

This is the new normal in Chicago.

Every weekend giant mobs like this form and run wild in the streets.

This video is from last month:

These are from the past week:

We saw similar last summer happen to a cop in a police cruiser.

According to the media, these folx are living in constant terror of "white supremacy" and "white police" who could kill them at any moment for any reason simply for the crime of being born black.

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