Stampede Breaks Out At March For Our Lives Rally in DC Over 'Shooter' Scare

Chris Menahan
Jun. 12, 2022

A stampede momentarily broke out at the March For Our Lives rally at the National Mall in Washington, DC on Saturday.

Apparently a protester tried to rush the stage and someone shouted "shooter."

From The Daily Mail:
'I am the gun I am using! I am not shooting a school,' the man said as security personnel attempted to escort him off the stage, before seemingly throwing a can at rally attendees behind the barricades.

The disturbance only lasted a few moments and officials at the rally rushed to assure those present that the man was not armed, The Sun reported.

[...] The man has since been arrested and US Park Police has opened an investigation.
As reboots are all Hollywood is capable of producing these days, the rally featured Emma Gonzalez -- who now goes by "X" Gonzalez and identifies as "they/them" -- screaming for Congress to "pass some f**king gun laws."

Parkland celebrity David Hogg was also at the event.

Hogg made headlines earlier in the week for falsely claiming Sen. Marco Rubio canceled a meeting with him because he was "triggered."

Hogg was called out by Marco Rubio's chief of staff for lying and eventually backtracked, deleted the tweet, blamed his own "staff" and apologized.

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