Police Stage Mass Arrest of Right-Wingers Protesting "LGBTQIA+ Pride" Event in Idaho

Chris Menahan
Jun. 12, 2022

Idaho police in Coeur D'Alene appear to have been working with the feds and undercover informants to stage a mass arrest of Patriot Front members and Christian preachers for protesting an "LGBTQIA+ Pride" event targeting children on Saturday.

Remember how police put snipers on the roof to target protesters outside a Drag Queen Story Hour event in Spokane, Washington?

Imagine if they used this level of force in defense of all the businesses burned to the ground by BLM/Anfita rioters during the Summer of Floyd.

From Reuters, "Members of white nationalist group charged with planning riot at Idaho pride event":
Police in northwest Idaho arrested more than two dozen members of a white nationalist group on Saturday and charged them with planning to stage a riot near a LGBTQ pride event, authorities said.

Lee White, police chief in the city of Coeur D'Alene, told reporters 31 members of Patriot Front face misdemeanor charges of conspiracy to riot and additional charges could come later.

A local resident spotted the men, wearing white masks and carrying shields, getting into a U-Haul truck and called police, telling the emergency dispatcher it "looked like a little army," according to White. Police pulled the truck over about 10 minutes after the call.

Video taken at the scene of the arrest and posted online showed about 20 men kneeling next to the truck with their hands bound, wearing similar khaki pants, blue shirts, white masks and baseball caps.

Police recovered at least one smoke grenade and documents that included an "operations plan" from the truck, as well as shields and shin guards, all of which made their intentions clear, White said.

"They came to riot downtown," he said.
Those are all tools for self-defense. Nearly all their street protests are attacked by antifa.

Odds are overwhelming the feds planned these arrests. Imagine if Trump went after Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters the way Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray appear to be going after people protesting LGBTQ+ child grooming events.

In the past week, the FBI also arrested the leading Michigan GOP candidate for Governor, Ryan Kelley, as well as former Trump advisor Peter Navarro. The DOJ charged five Proud Boys with sedition. Wray is actively purging the FBI of right-wingers who won't go along with the program.

All these made for TV arrests are going down right as the Jan 6th Super Show Extravaganza is being broadcast on every major TV channel -- perfectly timed to prop up the regime's fake "insurrection" narrative and hype "white extremists" as America's greatest threat.

The same way the FBI manufactured the Gov. Whitmer kidnapping plot then timed the arrest of everyone involved as an October surprise right before the 2020 election they're now rounding up their political opposition to try and breathe life into their failing "insurrection" hoax.

We're living under occupation.

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