Hannity: Nuke Russia 'Off The Face Of The Earth' If They Use WMDs - 'We Can't Cower In Fear' Over Mutually Assured Destruction

Chris Menahan
Mar. 28, 2022

Fox News host Sean Hannity says the US must be willing to nuke Russia "off the face of the earth" if they use WMDs in Ukraine and mustn't "cower in fear" over the prospect of a global nuclear holocaust triggered by "mutually assured destruction."

During an attempted takedown of former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard on Friday, Hannity said that if Putin "wants to use chemical, biological, nuclear weapons, he's got to know that his entire country is going to be blown off the face of the earth."

"I pray to God we never get to that point but that's always been a threat and that remains a threat here," Hannity said. "We can't cower in fear that we have mutually assured destruction pretty much for all our lifetime."

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If the US wiped Russia "off the face of the earth," Russia would simply use their nuclear submarines to nuke the US, ensuring both of our countries are completely destroyed.

A week ago, they showed they have hypersonic missiles which can defeat our missile defense systems with ease.

As I reported previously, neocons are using this war as an opportunity to try and kill off any remaining Trump-era "America First" attitudes among the GOP base.

America exists to serve the interests of our ruling oligarchs -- not the American people -- and our soldiers must be viewed as nothing more than pawns.

Hannity, who gets paid $45 million a year by the Murdochs to shill the neocons' agenda and wears a CIA pin every night on his lapel, is happy to risk nuclear annihilation in defense of the corrupt puppet government in Ukraine.

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