Families That Loot Together, Stay Together

Chris Menahan
Feb. 09, 2022

Surveillance video captured a family of looters cleaning out a yogurt shop in San Francisco twice in less than one week.

"Surveillance video shows a group of people, believed to be a family of eight, walking into Easy Breezy in West Portal on Tuesday January 25, just before closing," KPIX reported Tuesday. "Ford said the smallest child wearing red grabbed the tip jar before leaving."

"[Shop owner Ariel Ford] said what's worse is the family returned a few days later with an even larger group of 13 and pulled the same stunt," KPIX said. "One thief even stopped to grab a napkin before casually walking out of the shop."

"They just swarmed the store. Customers could just sense that something was wrong, and they just grabbed their kids and leave, and same thing -- bunch of yogurt, bunch of toppings, they ended up trashing the store and just walked right out again laughing about it," Ford told KPIX.


Please keep these powerful words of NBA star LeBron James in mind as you watch the above video:
"We're literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step foot outside the comfort of our homes! [We] can't even go for a damn jog man!"
The fear on display is clearly palpable!

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