Libtards Panicked Over Climate Alarmism Are Seeking Out 'Climate Therapy'

Chris Menahan
Feb. 08, 2022

The hot new trend among mentally ill libtards is to get "climate therapy" for their "eco-anxiety," according to a new report in the New York Times.

Rather than breathe a sigh of relief over the fact climate alarmists have been proven wrong on all their major predictions and Barack Obama is snatching up oceanfront property without a care in the world for the "rising sea levels" he hyped, libtards are crippled with anxiety over the latest doomsaying being fed to them by charlatans and proven liars.

Instead of explaining to these people that they've being fed climate alarmism for political reasons, the New York Times is encouraging their mental illness and arguing it's "rational."

From The New York Times, "Climate Change Enters the Therapy Room":
A decade ago, [Portland psychologist Dr. Thomas J. Doherty] and a colleague, Susan Clayton, a professor of psychology at the College of Wooster, published a paper proposing a new idea. They argued that climate change would have a powerful psychological impact ó not just on the people bearing the brunt of it, but on people following it through news and research. At the time, the notion was seen as speculative.

That skepticism is fading. Eco-anxiety, a concept introduced by young activists, has entered a mainstream vocabulary. And professional organizations are hurrying to catch up, exploring approaches to treating anxiety that is both existential and, many would argue, rational.

Though there is little empirical data on effective treatments, the field is expanding swiftly. The Climate Psychology Alliance provides an online directory of climate-aware therapists; the Good Grief Network, a peer support network modeled on 12-step addiction programs, has spawned more than 50 groups; professional certification programs in climate psychology have begun to appear.

As for Dr. Doherty, so many people now come to him for this problem that he has built an entire practice around them: an 18-year-old student who sometimes experiences panic attacks so severe that she canít get out of bed; a 69-year-old glacial geologist who is sometimes overwhelmed with sadness when he looks at his grandchildren; a man in his 50s who erupts in frustration over his friendsí consumption choices, unable to tolerate their chatter about vacations in Tuscany.
It's pretty funny how they act like Doherty's claim that people will have anxiety about climate change in the future was some bombshell prediction and a "new idea."

He made this "prediction" in 2011, long after this eco-anxiety had widely manifested in leftists.

Climate alarmists have been proven wrong about so much that they're now patting themselves on the back for predicting things which already happened.

I predict that people will have anxiety over the proliferation of 3D printing in the future. Some people are already in a panic over it. Democrat-controlled legislatures are actively moving to ban "ghost guns" all over the country.

Will I get my own Times column in ten years for making this bombshell prediction and putting out this "new idea"?

We know from past surveys that libtards are disproportionately crippled by mental illness and this story is just more of the same.

Rather than help these people by shattering their delusions, the Times is encouraging their mental illness for political gain.

I'll predict right now that leftist governments will try to ban "climate denial conversion therapy" some time over the next ten years!

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