Tin-Pot Trudeau Flees to 'Undisclosed Location' Rather Than Engage With Massive Trucker Protest

Chris Menahan
Jan. 29, 2022

Whereas Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was comfortable walking among his own people while they were armed to the teeth and firing guns into the air, tin-pot dictator Justin Trudeau has fled to an "undisclosed location" in a bid to dodge the massive Canadian trucker protest against his insane vaccine mandates that's converged on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Trudeau first announced on Thursday that he was going to go into "quarantine" at his home for five days after allegedly being "exposed" to someone with covid -- even though he's triple vaxxed and took a rapid test which came back negative.

This is the pathetic response his team of public relations agents came up with to have him pose as a victim while instituting Big Pharma medical tyranny and stripping the rights and livelihoods of tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens.

"Amid security concerns, Trudeau and his family have been moved from their home to an undisclosed location in the nation's capital, sources said," state media outlet CBC reported.

Nova Scotia signed an emergency directive to ban protests in support of the truckers.

The streets are now packed and the crowds are massive despite freezing temperatures (-23°C is -9°F).

Truckers are saying they're not leaving until the vaccine mandates are repealed.

MPs were also allegedly "told" to flee like cowards rather than engage with their own constituents.

Here's Saddam Hussein walking among armed soldiers and civilians for contrast:

The only "fringe minority" is Canada's parasitic ruling elite.

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