St. Louis Fed: With Meat Prices Soaring, Eat Soybeans Instead Of Turkey This Thanksgiving

Chris Menahan
Nov. 22, 2021

The Federal Reserve is encouraging Americans to eat soybeans instead of turkey this Thanksgiving due to soaring meat prices.

From the St Louis Fed:
Between 1990 and the time of this writing, the average global price of poultry has been 6 times higher than the price of soybeans.

As of the third quarter of 2021, a hearty Thanksgiving dinner serving of turkey costs $1.42. A tofurkey (soybean) dinner serving with the same amount of calories costs $0.66 and provides almost twice as much protein. Keep in mind that this plant-based meal would be almost 3 times larger by weight than the poultry-based meal and may either keep you at the dinner table longer or provide you with more leftovers.
It's getting harder by the day not to think our globalist overlords are intentionally causing meat prices to rise so we'll all be forced to eat bugs, weeds and drink sewage.

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