'Bullying' Played NO ROLE in Timberview High School Shooting, Police Chief Says

Chris Menahan
Oct. 25, 2021

Timothy Simpkins, the 18-year-old school shooter who was swiftly released on bail and allowed to party at home with his family as his victims remained hospitalized, was not a victim of "bullying" as his family claimed, according to Arlington police chief Al Jones.


From Fox 4 News:
Arlington's police chief says he does not believe bullying played any role in this month's school shooting at Mansfield ISD’s Timberview High School.

[...] The police chief said Simpkins participated in "high-risk activity" leading up to the fight. That announcement was made at a town hall meeting held by Mansfield ISD.

Arlington Police Chief Al Jones said the only evidence of bullying he’s seen so far is a statement from Simpkins’ family. He believes the shooting stemmed from some sort of disagreement between the suspect and the victim.

Two weeks after a Timberview High School student shot 15-year-old Zacchaeus Selby, teacher Calvin Pettit and grazed a teenage girl, Chief Jones gave an update on the investigation. 

"This was not a bullying incident. I just want to take that narrative out of the equation," the chief said. "Mr. Simpkins is involved in high-risk activity, and that high-risk activity led to the disagreement within the community."
Unconfirmed reports citing an alleged classmate said Simpkins was a drug dealer.

As DreddsInfo reported:
The tipster explained in the post, "I go to school with this kid and he was never bullied." The alleged classmate continued, "Some people did not like him but that’s because he was a drug dealer and those type of things come with doing that."

According to the insider, "He was robbed not because of having nice things or a nice car but because he was a drug dealer." The alleged classmate added, "After being robbed he wanted revenge but instead got his a$$ beat. His ego couldn't handle it so he shot the kid and others as well."

According to the alleged classmate – Timothy may have been "dealing drugs" in school. And the classmate claims that's the reason he was beat up, not "bullying."
Was this the "high-risk activity" Jones refused to identify?

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