George Soros Labels President Xi 'The Most Dangerous Enemy of Open Societies in The World'

Soros laments "intensely nationalistic" Xi isn't letting globalist billionaires run his country and is instead throwing them in prison
Chris Menahan

Aug. 17, 2021

Chinese President Xi Jinping has earned the distinct honor of being labeled "the most dangerous enemy of open societies in the world" by globalist billionaire George Soros.

In a column published in the Wall Street Journal last week, Soros lamented how the "intensely nationalistic" Xi isn't letting globalist billionaires run his country and is instead throwing them in prison and seizing their wealth.

Soros also whined about how Xi is banning foreign "education companies" (aka subversive globalist NGOs) from getting control of their schools and teaching Chinese kids their own version of Critical Race Theory about how Chinese people are evil oppressors and have no right to control their own nation.

From WSJ:
Xi's Dictatorship Threatens the Chinese State

In his quest for personal power, he's rejected Deng Xiaoping's economic reform path and turned the Communist Party into an assemblage of yes-men.

By George Soros | Aug. 13, 2021 5:12 pm ET


Relations between China and the U.S. are rapidly deteriorating and may lead to war. Mr. Xi has made clear that he intends to take possession of Taiwan within the next decade, and he is increasing China's military capacity accordingly.

I consider Mr. Xi the most dangerous enemy of open societies in the world. [...]

He is intensely nationalistic and he wants China to become the dominant power in the world. He is also convinced that the Chinese Communist Party needs to be a Leninist party, willing to use its political and military power to impose its will. Xi Jinping strongly felt this was necessary to ensure that the Chinese Communist Party will be strong enough to impose the sacrifices needed to achieve his goal.

Mr. Xi realized that he needs to remain the undisputed ruler to accomplish what he considers his life's mission. He doesn't know how the financial markets operate, but he has a clear idea of what he has to do in 2022 to stay in power. He intends to overstep the term limits established by Deng, which governed the succession of Mr. Xi's two predecessors, Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin. Because many of the political class and business elite are liable to oppose Mr. Xi, he must prevent them from uniting against him. Thus, his first task is to bring to heel anyone who is rich enough to exercise independent power.

That process has been unfolding in the past year and reached a crescendo in recent weeks. It started with the sudden cancellation of a new issue by Alibaba's Ant Group in November 2020 and the temporary disappearance of its former executive chairman, Jack Ma. Then came the disciplinary measures taken against Didi Chuxing after it floated an issue in New York in June 2021. It culminated with the banishment of three U.S.-financed tutoring companies, which had a much greater effect on international markets than Mr. Xi expected. Chinese financial authorities have tried to reassure markets but with little success.
Soros is telling Xi to play ball and submit to globohomo or face a potential war with the U.S. on top of endless punishment in the financial markets.

Xi is not intimidated.
Mr. Xi is engaged in a systematic campaign to remove or neutralize people who have amassed a fortune. His latest victim is Sun Dawu, a billionaire pig farmer. Mr. Sun has been sentenced to 18 years in prison and persuaded to "donate" the bulk of his wealth to charity.

This campaign threatens to destroy the geese that lay the golden eggs. Mr. Xi is determined to bring the creators of wealth under the control of the one-party state. He has reintroduced a dual-management structure into large privately owned companies that had largely lapsed during the reform era of Deng. Now private and state-owned companies are being run not only by their management but also a party representative who ranks higher than the company president. This creates a perverse incentive not to innovate but to await instructions from higher authorities.

China's largest, highly leveraged real-estate company, Evergrande, has recently run into difficulties servicing its debt. The real-estate market, which has been a driver of the economic recovery, is in disarray. The authorities have always been flexible enough to deal with any crisis, but they are losing their flexibility. To illustrate, a state-owned company produced a Covid-19 vaccine, Sinopharm, which has been widely exported all over the world, but its performance is inferior to all other widely marketed vaccines. Sinopharm won't win any friends for China.

To prevail in 2022, Mr. Xi has turned himself into a dictator. Instead of allowing the party to tell him what policies to adopt, he dictates the policies he wants it to follow. State media is now broadcasting a stunning scene in which Mr. Xi leads the Standing Committee of the Politburo in slavishly repeating after him an oath of loyalty to the party and to him personally. This must be a humiliating experience, and it is liable to turn against Mr. Xi even those who had previously accepted him.

In other words, he has turned them into his own yes-men, abolishing the legacy of Deng's consensual rule. With Mr. Xi there is little room for checks and balances. He will find it difficult to adjust his policies to a changing reality, because he rules by intimidation. His underlings are afraid to tell him how reality has changed for fear of triggering his anger. This dynamic endangers the future of China's one-party state.
If Xi sees this column, he's probably just going to laugh.

As I reported last month, China is copying tons of the common sense policies we used to have in the West before globalist billionaires like George Soros hijacked our nations and brainwashed our people to hate themselves.

President Xi sees what happened to the West and is fighting like hell not to let it happen to China.

Xi has scrapped China's one-child policy entirely and just recently implemented a new three-child policy to unleash families' "childbirth potential."

Whereas OnlyFans is the fastest growing influencer platform in the West, China has had pornography banned for years and Xi just recently cracked down on simping.

UPDATE: The above user got banned from Twitter but you can still see the clips in this video from Paul Joseph Watson inspired by my article:

China is pursing policies that are the opposite of what globohomo is pushing on the entire planet and putting subversive globalists in prison.

Whereas nationalists are banned from social media and have their bank accounts closed in the West for challenging the state, in China they ban "LGBT influencers" and Soros-funded NGOs.

The failure of neo-liberalism is on display for all to see, most recently with globohomo's humiliating defeat in Afghanistan, and China wants none of it.

They're taking over the world and expanding their sphere of influence at an astonishing pace by copying the policies the West used to have while we're being destroyed from within through a forced collective suicide.

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