Senate Democrats Seek to Rewrite Military Draft Laws to Include Women

Chris Menahan
Jul. 21, 2021

Douglass Mackey, aka Twitter power user "Ricky Vaughn," was indicted by the Department of Justice earlier this year for sharing troll memes ahead of the 2016 election saying Hillary Clinton wanted to "Draft Our Daughters."

Democrats are now working to turn that into policy.

From Politico, "Senate Democrats propose requiring women to register for military draft":
Senate Democrats are proposing a sweeping rewrite of the military draft laws aimed at requiring women to register for the Selective Service System, according to a draft authored by Senate Armed Services Chair Jack Reed and obtained by POLITICO.

The changes to Selective Service could be attached to the National Defense Authorization Act, a defense policy bill that's one of the few pieces of legislation considered a "must-pass" by Congress. The move would reignite a contentious debate over whether women should be required to register for the draft, a move the House and Senate have each considered in recent years, though the change has never become law.

The language proposed by Reed (D-R.I.) would expand registration for the service to "All Americans," striking explicit references to males. It's expected to be considered during committee markup this week; floor action on the bill would wait until later this year. A spokesperson for Reed declined to comment.
Is this what you voted for, ladies?

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