EXPOSED: Leftist Activist Rev. Rob Lee, Who Claimed To Be 'Descendant' Of Gen. Robert E. Lee, Is Not Related

Chris Menahan
May. 15, 2021

Leftist activist Reverend Rob Lee built a career for himself by claiming to be a "descendant" of famed General Robert E Lee while leading the charge to have his statues torn down as idols of "white supremacy, racism and hate" celebrating a "traitor."

The Washington Post, one of many outlets who published his work in the past uncritically, on Friday exposed him as a fraud unrelated to the late beloved General he has spent years denigrating and demonizing for fame and fortune.


From The Washington Post, "This man says he's related to Robert E. Lee. There's no evidence." (Archive):
"Plaintiff Reverend Robert Wright Lee IV ("Lee") is a white resident of Iredell County. Lee is the fourth great-nephew of Confederate General Robert E. Lee." — Statement in a lawsuit seeking removal of a Confederate statue, filed in Iredell County, N.C., May 5

"As a descendant of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's family, I have borne the weight and responsibility of that lineage."
— Lee, in an opinion article published in The Washington Post, June 7, 2020

"We've been talking about his great-great-grandfather." — Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D), introducing Lee during a speech in Richmond, June 4

The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV, known as Rob, has, since 2016, parlayed his ancestry on behalf of what many may regard as a noble cause — removing Confederate statues and memorials. The pastor stood with Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam when the governor announced last June, in the wake of the George Floyd protests, that a statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond would be removed.

"There are members in my family who are shaking in their boots. I'm sure my ancestor Robert E. Lee is rolling in his grave, and I say, let him roll," Lee told a crowd.

When Northam introduced Lee, he said: "We've been talking about his great-great-grandfather."

This is a common mistake. Lee says he is the great-great-great-great nephew of the famous general.

There is a Robert E. Lee V, great-great-grandson of the general, who works at the Potomac School in McLean. He speaks rarely about the debate over historical monuments. Meanwhile, Rob Lee has made numerous public appearances, including on "The View" and the MTV Video Music Awards. At a House committee hearing in 2020, he was introduced by then-Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) as a "descendant of the Confederate general, Robert E. Lee." In that hearing, he called himself a "nephew" of the general.

But there is no evidence that Rob Lee, who was born in North Carolina, is related to Robert E. Lee, according to The Fact Checker's review of historical and genealogical records. We were aided in our search through these records by a retired Los Angeles trial lawyer and Civil War chronicler named Joseph Ryan, as well as an official at Stratford Hall, the ancestral home of the Virginia Lee family.
Lee responded to the Washington Post's exposé on Twitter by playing the victim and attacking the paper for being "so focused" on his "heritage and lineage."

"There is an article in the Washington Post about me being not related to Robert E. Lee," Lee said on Twitter. "I have chosen not to engage because I am currently on a regiment of medication that has made it difficult to keep my head up. There are also family dynamics that make this difficult."

Lee continued: "Why the Post is so focused on my heritage and lineage while not focusing on the issues of the statue at hand is beyond me. As they mixed up even the most basic facts, I have removed my name from the lawsuit as not to detract from the community of Statesville that I love."

Lee has been featured on ABC's the View, MTV, NPR, The Washington Post and tons of other news outlets, all of which accepted his claimed lineage uncritically as he was advancing their anti-white agenda.

At the MTV VMAs in 2017, Lee said that Gen. Lee, whom he called "my ancestor," is now "an idol of white supremacy, racism and hate."

"As a pastor, it is my moral duty to speak out against racism, America's original sin," Lee said. "Today, I call on all of us with privilege and power to answer God's call to confront racism and white supremacy head-on."

He continued: "We can find inspiration in the Black Lives Matter movement, the women who marched in the Women's March in January, and, especially, Heather Heyer, who died fighting for her beliefs in Charlottesville."

In November 2020, he released a book titled "The Pulpit and the Paper" with a forward from Chelsea Clinton.

Earlier this year, he went on CBS to bash the Capitol protesters for carrying out an "attack on our democracy" and denigrated Gen. Lee as a "traitor."

"We can no longer celebrate a traitor to this country who has become a symbol of oppression and hate toward people of color and marginalized communities everywhere," Lee said.

Just two weeks ago, Lee went on television to call for Robert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville, Florida to be renamed.

"Part of my career has been to address the racist legacy of my white supremacist uncle," Lee said. "I am totally against all of these names on these buildings that celebrate Confederate heroes, including my ancestor Robert E. Lee."

Lee took part in Biden's Inaugural Prayer Service just a week later.

There should be a monument built to immortalize the monumental fraud Rev. Rob Lee has perpetrated on the public!

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