London Mayor Sadiq Khan: "There's No Good Reason Why 65% of People Working in Science & Engineering Should Be White Men"

"We're working on fixing it."
Chris Menahan

Mar. 14, 2021

London's Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan on Saturday said that there is "no good reason why 65% of people working in science and engineering should be white men."

"We're working on fixing it," Khan said.

"The existing STEM skills gap costs the UK economy £6.3bn annually, yet women, many ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ people, and people from poorer backgrounds are underrepresented in STEM jobs. Currently, 65 per cent of the STEM workforce are white men, while women make up only 27 per cent of the UK's core STEM workforce," a press release Khan linked to stated.

What's the representation of English people in their own capital city of London?

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