FBI Admits No Firearms Were Seized During Capitol 'Insurrection,' Only Shot Fired Was Cop Killing Ashli Babbitt

Chris Menahan
Mar. 04, 2021

The FBI admitted under questioning from Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) on Wednesday that no firearms were confiscated during the so-called Capitol "insurrection," no one has been charged for having a firearm in the Capitol or on Capitol grounds, and the only shot fired was from a Capitol police officer killing unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt with a bullet to the neck.


Partial transcript:
RON JOHNSON: How many firearms were confiscated in the Capitol or on Capitol grounds that day?

FBI COUNTERTERRORISM CHIEF JILL SANBORN: To my knowledge we have not recovered any on that day from any other arrests at the scene at this point...

JOHNSON: Nobody has been charged with an actual firearm weapon in the Capitol or on Capitol grounds?

SANBORN: Correct...

JOHNSON: How many shots were fired?

SANBORN: I believe the only shots that were fired were the ones that resulted in the death of the one lady.
"The one lady," Ms. Sanborn, is Ashli Babbitt -- a 14-year Air Force veteran who served four tours spreading democracy overseas only to executed for demanding democracy at home.

She had more honor and integrity in her pinky finger than anyone in your corrupt organization.

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