Arizona Dept of Education Teaches Babies Are Racist; White Kids Must Form 'Antiracist White Identity'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 02, 2021

"The Arizona Department of Education has created an 'equity' toolkit claiming that babies show the first signs of racism at three months old and that white children 'remain strongly biased in favor of whiteness' by age five," Christopher Rufo reports.

The "toolkit" recommends, which is run by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"The Department of Education recommends a reading that claims babies are not 'colorblind' and that parents must instill 'antiracist attitudes and actions' beginning at birth, in order for their children to not 'absorb bias from the world around them,'" Rufo said.

"The Department provides additional resources for 'families & community,' telling white parents that they 'can have a black friend, partner, or child and still be racist.' The article claims that white people deny their own racism to 'alleviate some of their white fragility,'" Rufo said.

The article also claimed that black-on-black crime is a myth made up by white people:

"Another recommended reading claims that 'all white people are white in the context of a society that continues to disadvantage people of color based on race.' The document teaches schools how to 'change what it means to be white" and inculcate an 'antiracist white identity.'"

Rufo reported last week that Buffalo Public Schools are now teaching that "all white people" perpetuate systemic racism and forcing "kindergarteners to watch a video of dead black children warning them about 'racist police and state-sanctioned violence.'"

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