Facebook Allows Ashli Babbitt's Page To Be Filled With Leftists Celebrating Her Death; Bans News Outlet For Speaking Out Against It

Chris Menahan
Jan. 06, 2021

Facebook on Wednesday allowed thousands of leftists to fill Ashli Babbitt's personal page with celebrations of her death at the hands of Capitol police but banned Information Liberation for writing a post speaking out against police for killing her.

Here's a snapshot of her Facebook page taken at around 1AM on Thursday morning.

It goes on like that forever.

Meanwhile, Information Liberation was banned for 30 days for highlighting her tragic death at the hands of police.

Facebook announced Wednesday evening that they're going to ban everyone sharing content that isn't from the controlled media (who are currently hysterically pushing nothing but pure misinformation).

Of course, promoting the Black Lives Matter riots which killed dozens and caused some $2 billion in damages is just fine (Facebook responded to the BLM riots by donating over $200 million to various BLM causes).

Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday also banned President Trump for 24 hours from both Facebook and Instagram for "policy violations."

Mark Zuckerberg's new rules are essentially that you can cheer for Ashli Babbitt being killed by Capitol police but you can't speak out against it.

UPDATE: Facebook lifted the ban on your's truly without explanation. Meanwhile, they've expanded the ban on Trump until his term is over.

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