Black Lives Matter Raised $10.6 BILLION Since May

Chris Menahan
Dec. 16, 2020

Donations to Black Lives Matter-related causes over the past 7 months rival Amazon's total profits for all of 2019 -- which was a record-breaking year for the online retail giant.

According to The Economist, BLM is planning to start a bank and has already begun giving money to "gay rights groups" (75 percent of black people voted to ban gay marriage in California in 2008 but the figureheads who run the Black Lives Matter organization are two self-described "queer lesbians" who say on their official website their goal is to "foster a queer‐affirming network" with "the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking").

From The Economist, "Six months after mass protests began, what is the future of BLM?":
Start with the great fire-hose of money pointed at BLM groups and sympathisers. The example of Niko Georgiades of Unicorn Riot, a non-profit, left-leaning media firm that posted early footage of protests in Minneapolis, is instructive. Thanks to online donations, within a couple of months his almost-broke outfit went from $8,000 in the bank to nearly $650,000. That's enough to keep operating for another five years, he says joyfully. Ms McKnight saw donations flood in from people in America, Europe, Japan and Brazil. Within a month of the protests, BLM's national network had to scramble to offer a first round of $6.5m in grants—far more than ever before—to city chapters, gay-rights groups and others.

That was just a start. Vastly larger promises and sums followed as employee and corporate donors, as well as rich individuals, joined the gift-giving. Donations to BLM-related causes since May were $10.6bn. Exact sums received will be known when the central body overseeing BLM spending publishes its finances (confusingly it relies on another entity, a "fiscal sponsor", the Tides Foundation, to oversee its books).
Remember, the Tides Foundation which is handling BLM's money had convicted terrorist Susan Rosenberg on their board.

Susan Rosenberg is not black.

The Economist continues:
Early next year [BLM] hopes to launch a bank to push capital to black-owned firms and non-profit groups.
Nothing says "black liberation" like taking donation money and loaning it to black people so you can profit off interest!

How long before we see BLM payday loan centers set up in inner cities charging 700 percent interest?

Whose idea was this, exactly? Something tells me this idea wasn't dreamed up by Tamika Mallory!
All that is appealing if the movement is to be more effective than just a protest outfit. But the changes have upset radicals, such as those who prefer the idea of abolishing capitalism over making banks work better, or who reject electoral politics as intrinsically ineffective. On November 30th representatives of ten city chapters, including large ones from Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia and Washington, said they rejected the recent changes as an undemocratic, secretive power-grab done without the backing of most BLM members.

One opponent, Vanessa Green, a BLM organiser in Hudson Valley, New York, says nobody was consulted about launching the political-action committee. Earlier complaints from smaller groups like hers about the centralisation of power were brushed aside in the rush to change. "You have to include every damn body," she says. "To be ignored, it feels like a slap in the face." She sees BLM as an offspring of the radical Black Power activism of the 1960s, but fears it is instead becoming "vanilla", ineffective and co-opted by those who resist change.
Look on the bright side, Vanessa, at least you can say you got a new flavor of Ben and Jerry's™ to "serve up joy on the journey to justice!"™

Talk about getting played!

Odds are this money is going to be funneled to political witch-hunting organizations and doxing groups run by the friends of Susan Rosenberg that work to suppress all those who oppose the prog-globalist agenda!

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