BitChute 'Deplatformed' On Election Day As Big Tech Move to Silence All Opposition [UPDATE: Back Online!]

Chris Menahan
Nov. 03, 2020

The rapidly-expanding YouTube alternative BitChute, which has been surging in popularity as a result of YouTube banishing nearly all right-wing dissidents off their platform ahead of the election, has been kicked offline on election day.

"It looks like we've been deplatformed on some critical infrastructure that has taken the site offline," BitChute announced Tuesday afternoon. "We're trying to speak to people and find out more before saying more than that. So far we have received some very general account account termination emails."

Nearly every last right-wing dissident who was banned off YouTube over the past three years has shifted over to BitChute.

If one wanted to stage a Color Revolution/Coup to oust President Trump, knocking BitChute offline would undoubtedly be a top priority.

David Icke, who is one of the most popular BitChuters, was also banned from Twitter:

The timing can't be a coincidence.

UPDATE: BitChute has managed to get back online for the time being!

The site has been relentlessly targeted for deplatforming over the past several months, so who knows how long it will last!


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