Video Reveals Rudy Giuliani 'Borat' Scene Is A Total Fraud, 'She's 15' Line Was Dubbed In Post-Production

Chris Menahan
Oct. 23, 2020

Video was released Friday of comedian-turned-ADL smear merchant and pro-censorship activist Sacha Baron Cohen's defamatory hitjob against Rudy Giuliani which further confirms Cohen and a complicit media outright lied about what the video shows.

The video is a highly-edited, disjointed compilation of out-of-context clips which nonetheless appear perfectly innocuous and show 24-year-old actress Maria Bakalova initiated all contact with Giuliani, who was single at the time the scene took place.


[Embed starts at 2:18]

There's a giant cut when Cohen entered to room to allegedly shout: "Put down your crump, she's 15, she's too old for you!"

There's no evidence Cohen actually even uttered those lines as none of it is captured on video.

"Put down your crump" is played while Giuliani is seen sitting up after tucking in his shirt that was previously untucked by Bakalova.

"She's 15, she's too old for you" is played while Cohen is allegedly barging into the room.

I slowed down the clip so everyone can clearly see Cohen is not even speaking.


Cohen clearly dubbed that line in during post-production.

Cohen also appears to have dubbed in a fake "woah" sound at the 3:06 mark which viewers are supposed to believe was Giuliani reacting in shock at being busted. You can see in the mirror that Giuliani wasn't shocked and doesn't appear to have uttered a word. Bakalova also appeared to show no reaction.

Between 3:00 and 3:07, three different cameras are used. Cohen appears to have had his team cut between the three cameras to make the tucking appear to go on longer than it did to make it seem somehow untoward.

[Embed starts 3:00]

In reality, Giuliani is seen in one scene laying on the bed and tucking his shirt, then he's seen sitting up, then he's seen in the next scene standing in the hallway with a book in his hand as Cohen is speaking to him in women's underwear.

Giuliani reportedly proceeded to notify the hotel to call the police.

If Cohen had video of Giuliani shocked and stunned and pulling up his pants while shouting "woah!" as Cohen barged into the room he would have showed it. Instead, he constructed this obviously fraudulent compilation complete with dubbed audio just to smear him.

As I suspected, this was a complete and total hoax from start to finish.

Remember, Cohen gave a speech to the Anti-Defamation League last year demanding Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter censor all social media in the name of fighting disinformation!

Rudy Giuliani should sue Cohen, Amazon, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the media outlets which ran with this blatant fabrication for defamation.

Most of the media outlets had this footage when they chose to write their phony stories. They ran with it just to punish Giuliani for helping expose Joe and Hunter Biden.

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