YouTube Bans All Q-Anon Channels Ahead Of Election

Chris Menahan
Oct. 15, 2020

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki began purging Q-Anon channels en masse on Thursday morning, effectively banning one of the last vestiges of pro-Trump accounts left on the site just days out from the election.

NBC News' Ben Collins, who is one of the many journos employed by multi-billion dollar megacorporations to lobby full-time for the most powerful companies in the world to censor dissidents, said the ban applies to all conspiracy content that "targets individuals."

That means they're going to ban absolutely everything the ADL doesn't like.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a similar purge of all dissident content last week.

What type of nightmare scenario do they have planned for us if Biden wins?

Are they going to subject all Trump supporters to show trials as the Trotskyite leaders of "The Resistance" have been lusting for?

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