Support For Black Lives Matter Falls Significantly After 3 Months of Rioting, Survey Finds

Chris Menahan
Sep. 18, 2020

Support for the Black Lives Matter movement has been falling rapidly among Whites and Hispanics over the past three months of riots, murder and mayhem.

A new Pew Research survey found general support for the movement among Whites has fallen 15 percent (60 to 45) and support among Hispanics has fallen 11 percent (77 to 66).

From Pew Research:
In June, a majority of White adults (60%) said they supported the movement at least somewhat; now, fewer than half (45%) express at least some support. The share of Hispanic adults who support the movement has decreased 11 percentage points, from 77% in June to 66% today. By comparison, support for the Black Lives Matter movement has remained virtually unchanged among Black and Asian adults.

Support for the Black Lives Matter movement remains particularly widespread among Black adults. Some 87% of Black Americans say they support the movement, similar to the share who said this in June. However, the share of Black adults expressing strong support for the movement has decreased 9 points, from 71% to 62%.

[...] About nine-in-ten White Democrats (88%) express at least some support for the Black Lives Matter movement, compared with 16% of White Republicans. And while about half of White Democrats (51%) say they strongly support the movement, just 2% of White Republicans say the same.
Civiqs' daily tracking poll has found similar results.

White alone:

All Americans:

Support for the Black Lives Matter movement is still disturbingly high considering the movement is run by non-Black convicted terrorists like Susan Rosenberg and was financed from the very beginning by billionaire George Soros.

The figureheads who run the Black Lives Matter organization are two self-described "queer lesbians" who say on their official website their goal is to "foster a queer‐affirming network" with "the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking."

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