Don Lemon 2013 Monologue Telling Black People 'Pull Up Your Pants' And Address Black-On-Black Crime Goes Viral

Chris Menahan
Jul. 09, 2020

This newly-viral segment from Don Lemon's show in 2013 really encapsulates how much the left has changed in just seven years.

In this clip which was shared Wednesday on social media, Lemon is seen telling African-Americans to "pull up your pants," address the epidemic of black-on-black crime, reject gang culture, stop saying the "n-word," start finishing school and stop having babies "just because you can."

2020 Don Lemon would undoubtedly label 2013 Don Lemon a white supremacist.

You can see the full segment on Real Clear Politics. Nothing was taken out of context and if anything the full segment is even worse.

Lemon scolded Terry Crews for bringing up these issues just the other day:

Tucker Carlson highlighted some of the segment on his show last night:

Lemon has yet to respond.

If he ever does, I predict he will only half-apologize (if that) and say he had "internalized white supremacy."

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